Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"I feel fine, talking 'bout peace of mind....."

What a beautiful day! My sunburn hurts from having spent a drunken, drug-addled weekend half naked in fire Island sans sunscreeen. In addition, making matters worse I have humongous scratches on my calves from fighting my way through a patch of nettles in the Pines, and a blue ugly bruise the size of metrocard on my knee from when my friend Mark tried to throw me over his shoulders on the dance floor but dropped me on my knees instead. I can't recall whether it hurt at the time, but it certainly does now.
Now, back in the city, I'm trying to find a job. Walking around Manhattan squinting in the sun and trying to pass out my resume to whomever feels kind enough to take it. I feel like a Free Mumia pamphleteer with whom everyone tries to avoid eye contact.
Who will hire me looking like this? I can't work at Hummus Place! I'd be too embarassed. I have too much pride for that, even if it isn't very much. But beggars cant be choosers, right?
Despite my joblessness and roughed-up appearance, it is a beautiful day.

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