Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forgive me this tangent (an explanation of my profile description)

Some people love music. Some people love money. Some people love pizza, or puppies, or gardening, or crafts, or cooking, or video games, or photography. But I love... love. I love everything about it. I love being in love, I love pursuing love, I love making love. I love reading about love and watching movies about love. I love desperate-romance love and dull-moments love. I love the light side of love, the way it can make you feel like nothing can fucking touch you, and I love the dark side of love, when you feel like everything that touches you fucking hurts. I love heartbreak, in a weird way, for the beautiful pain of it. I love watching two people in love when they think that no one is watching. I love when my friends are in love, but also when they're not in love and they're searching for something else by going out and getting wasted every night. I love how being in love changes a person, for better or for worse. I love that love has inspired some of the most magnificent art and some of the most brutal battles.

I love love. I just do.